About Anajak

Since 1981

The most common question we get asked about Anajak is when to go. And rightfully so–a lot goes on at this Sherman Oaks Thai spot. There's a regular dinner menu that runs nightly from Wednesday through Sunday, Taco Tuesday on Tuesdays, and a 14-course outdoor omakase every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night for those lucky enough to snag a reservation. But our answer is always the same: Go as soon as you can.

This sophisticated dame deserves a crown for her longevity, adherence to classic recipes, and chalkboards of whimsical specials. A local fixture and operated by the second generation of the founding family, it's a simple, colorful space, flaunting framed accolades on one wall and photos of Hollywood's elite on another

Anajak has zero allegiance to how it’s supposed to be.

And a meal here is sensory overload, in the best of ways. Before you enter the tiny Ventura Blvd. storefront, you’ll spot white tablecloths in a side alley reflecting dramatic shadows on a massive brick wall. R&B blasts over the speakers, and some nights, you’ll catch the chef preparing his 14-course outdoor Thai omakase. Grills in the back shoot twirling embers into the air like some sort of local Fantasia Live! performance (it’s worth noting that Pichetrungsi’s a former Disney Art Director). But this is also when it clicks—more than a restaurant, Anajak is one big f*cking party.

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14704 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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